Leah Spanks John

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Leah Spanks John

Leah gets revenge! She has taken a lot of spankings from men, so she wanted to give one back! And, John had a fantasy of being spanked by Leah, so we put Leah and John in a room together, and let nature take its course! Boy, does this guy take a beating!Leah uses her hand, several different paddles, a riding crop, and two different canes!

John gets spanked, paddled, cropped, and caned in many different positions, including across Leah’s lap, over the back of a chair, across the bed, and tied down to a table!

The tease goes on for nearly an hour, before Leah finally lets him go!

John’s butt becomes a deep shade of red, and you can see from his squirming and jerkingthat he’s in serious pain!

If you want to see a woman spank a man, then you’ll love this 58-minute video!


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