My Kinda Bitch

Thursday, June 13, 2013


My Kinda Bitch

Some people need the kind of chick that’ll treat them worse than their mother did… for whatever reason: to feel loved, to feel punished
just like the guy in this flick. He’s found himself a bitch for his niche! Watch him get belittled, spanked, and fucked up the ass by this dominating dame!
If movies were meals, “My Kinda Bitch” would be meat ‘n potatoes! Thirty filling minutes of straightforward spanking, not a shot wasted on anything else. Let’s tuck in.

As we begin, a woman in a short, form-fitting black dress leads a man around by a leash. She’s a pretty thing: fine figure, mod haircut, and a disinterested air of superiority. Her open-toed shoes are sexy but not costume-y — she looks like someone you’d see buying flowers in a European market, you know, except for the guy on all fours, trailing behind her.

She leads him up stairs so steep we can almost see up her dress, and then ties him to a big, square pillar… Smack! She spanks him over his cargo shorts, slowly & steadily, no dialog or background music to distract our attention from the punishment at hand. The room’s acoustics are fantastic! And the camera work is excellent throughout the movie: a great mix of angles, well-lit, dynamic editing, etc.

She’s hitting hard. Our boy’s breathing gets heavier, he grunts a little. She pulls down his briefs, exposing cheeks already pink from her warm-up. She slams his bare ass, now, her hand firmly & methodically drumming his flesh. Warning: Hairy Butt Alert! The camera zooms in to survey the damage, and I found myself wishing this movie had started with a waxing…

But no matter — he’s admirably stoic despite obvious discomfort. His tormentor regards him with boredom & indifference, then abruptly stalks off. She immediately returns with an impressive pile of implements! The first one she chooses: a long, many-tailed whip that almost looks like it’s made out of thin strips of plastic.

Yeowch! Sounds horrific whizzing thru the air
seems quite painful, too, the way he groans & winces. She’s silent, relentless, apathetic. Once one cheek is finished, she dutifully switches sides & whips till they’re symmetrical. Weird little welts spring up: thread-like red slashes in compact masses along the mid-outer curves of his bottom. Some purple bruising bleeds thru.

She unties him, tells him to strip, bends him over so he’s holding his ankles… She selects a bamboo cane from her arsenal, and begins administering another painstaking spanking. She uses firm, measured strokes — strong, but not full-strength. Still, inflamed horizontal lines appear across his cheeks. The welts are so well-defined, they look like railroad tracks!

She orders him to lie on his back with his legs bent over his head, like a turtle. Yikes, that’s one intimate view of this guy’s hairy crack (and the soles of his feet are filthy)! She paddles him with a two-tailed leather tawse — across his ass, against the backs of his thighs, along his tufted perineum, perhaps a flick of scrotum here & there… Poor guy huffs & puffs, clearly in pain.

She fetches a solid leather paddle, now, and as she whacks the back of his thighs, I have to admire how she keeps finding new “virgin” areas of flesh to abuse. The camera provides us with great views of his flesh, his anguished face, the various implements swinging thru the air & making contact. Nice, too, how most of these scenes include her long, shapely legs in the action.

The spanking isn’t over yet! She fastens him to a short wooden bench, black leather straps around his neck, wrists & torso. He looks so undignified, so shamefully broken… She beats his ass with what appears to be a pool cue, as his bottom burns brighter than ever. She teases him between blows, smoothing the stick over his skin, searching for a good spot to descend. His cries of pain reach a crescendo.

Finally, she steps away & into a rather fearsome strap-on vibrator. She lubes it up (which is kinda hot!), and as she sweeps some up his crack, his legs jiggle in eager anticipation. Fantastic angle when she mounts him: the camera shoots from below, behind & so close in, I’m pretty sure I can detect a shit-ring that appears around the shaft, once she succeeds in pushing it in. Now THAT’S a close-up!

And, oh, the sounds that mic picks up… Creaks & squishes & slaps. I love how his grunts accompany her thrusts, and grow louder the deeper she pushes. The camera backs up, now, as she plunges his hole, her legs splayed awkwardly astride his buttocks. I don’t think he climaxes
she seems to take a cue off-camera, slides out of him, and exits.

Our guy’s ass is slimy and beaten, covered with marks & bruises & broken capillaries. Well done, you two!

Props to Scorched for this sizzling spanking. Bon appetite!


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