Office Interns Punishment

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Office Interns Punishment

Stars: Mistress Gemini, Synthia Slave, Maxine M
Maxine and Synthia are insolent and ungrateful! Being allowed to be a college intern to Mistress Gemini’s business is an honor indeed! How dare they be coming in late and dressed so abhorrently! Gemini will teach them the proper way to behave as young women. They will be subjected to her discipline or face an impeachment and possibly be looking for another college to attend.
As they are undressed down to nothing more than high heels they are thwacked with plastic paddles and leather straps. Finally, the cane is brought out. The final disciplinarian action. Placing them at opposite ends, with soft white buttocks facing each other, Gemini applies the cane. A rhythmic action entails, as first one then the other receives a resounding thwack. Back and forth, the action ensues, as each grimaces in pain. They must take it or leave the internship!


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