The Headmaster’s Office

Saturday, June 1, 2013


The Headmaster’s Office

Stars: Petra, Marie, Aurora, Samara
The girls…the drinking…the snitch…the punishment! Set in Victorian times at the New Bedford Academy for Ladies, the story follows five girls who are caught drinking by the Principal and sent to the Headmaster’s Office for punishment. What follows is one of the most hardcore canings ever recorded. All live action! You watch it as it actually happens.
This brutal caning movie, set in a 19th century boarding school, sounds rather simple: four lovely lasses are restrained & forced to endure 50 lashes each. But what could’ve been a routine “spanking by the numbers” movie, is instead thirty minutes of exquisite Victorian discipline, with fine acting, authentic costumes, artistic direction, and a satisfying final revenge scene that’s very Prairie-Girls-Gone-Wild…


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