Doctor Cripley’s

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Doctor Cripley’s

Stars: April May, Cie Cie, Anthony Lawton, Irving Schwartz, Jane Rodeo, Judy Spencer
Beautiful ladies beware! Stay away from Dr. Cripley’s Clinic. On the surface, the honored doctor appears to be very professional and ethical. But once on his inspection table, a young female patient is likely to find herself on a swift descent into a nightmare of unrelenting tickling play. This deranged gynecologist has some rather unorthodox treatment for his most beautiful guest. Once under his power, his unfortunate patient will find she’s being stripped, tied, and tickle without mercy. The doctor is, himself, a victim. Victim of his own uncontrollable lust. Once his anxious fingers touch trembling female skin, the compulsion takes over. His insane treatment goes on in savage tickling frenzy. This malpractice is bound to continue unless he is exposed and brought to justice. Or unless the mad doctor runs out of patients.


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