Double The Laughter

Friday, July 5, 2013

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Double The Laughter

Stars: Brigitte, Celestia Star, Johnny G
In our first storyline, Johnny G has returned home from a disappointing club experience. However, he has brought two girls home from the club and hopes to spice up his evening. He quickly makes up for lost time having the girls tie and tickle each other. He quickly joins in to give them a hand in the finer points of tickling. His night hasn’t been a waste of time after all! Our second story has Celestia Star sound asleep when Johnny G and Brigitte decide to have a little fun by waking her abruptly by tickling her! She’s quickly tied and tickled without mercy. Johnny then ties them both up nude on an ottoman and pursues them relentlessly with his tickling techniques. He’s so pleased by their reactions that later that evening he takes them to the bar for happy hour.


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