English Discipline Series – Family Caning

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


English Discipline Series – Family Caning

While her husband is still at work, a suburban housewife and her daughter are getting themselves ready for a naughty orgy party that they are attending.
They become so entranced in trying different outfits on and doing their make-up that they soon lose track of time. Before they know it, the jealous husband arrives home. He is astonished to find both his wife and daughter in extremely revealing outfits.
He is absolutely furious, since upon hearing of the party he had originally forbidden them to attend. He realizes that each is a bad influence on the other. Anxious to regain control of them and the situation, he gives both of them a hard hand spanking, then beats them with a thick leather paddle. Their bare bottoms already reddened, he then admonishes them with a wispy cane leaving thick welts on their bottoms. He is sufficiently pleased, because he has now restored good order within his family.


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