English Spanking Classic #30 – Punishment Man

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


English Spanking Classic #30 – Punishment Man

Squeals of ecstasy and the sounds of a female hand on a man’s naked buttocks could be heard coming from Jay’s bedroom. Out wayward wife has persuaded her friend Tony to come over for the afternoon. So excited were they that they didn’t hear the arrival of her husband, Dave. Furious, a heated exchange of words are thrown about, along with Tony out the door! Turning his fury towards Jay, she is spanked and smacked across her bottom with a slipper. Sobbing, she pleads for forgiveness. She will even let Dave bring another girl home if he will only stop. He has agreed to some retribution but it may entail an encounter with “The Punishment Man” as he picks up a CP magazine and turns to the contact section.


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