FCV-100 My Barn, My Rules

Monday, July 15, 2013


FCV-100 My Barn, My Rules

Here’s another video shot at Debra’s Riding Academy. If you watched NWV-366, ‘Drop Those Breeches!’ , a recent release, you saw what Debra did to two of her working students just for using her tack without permission. Wait until you see what she does to three of them when they openly rebel. A hard slap across the ringleaders face quells the rebellion on the spot. This is followed by each of them being secured in the cross ties for a severe horsewhipping. When Debra metes out punishment she is very thorough. When she’s finished whipping their bare backs she peels each girl’s tight riding pants down to her knees and does the same thing to their bottoms.

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  1. Me89 Says:

    Can you please upload “Drop those breeches” and any other film featuring Debra you might have 😀 Pleeeaaase

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