Revenge of the Toss

Friday, July 26, 2013


Revenge of the Toss

Stars: Kelly Payne, Tasha Lee, Yoni, Desiree Tamas, Miss Kitti
This ultra-hot femdom video features two of the most popular spankers in the business giving an errant husband the bottom blistering he so richly deserves. Revenge picks up where the first of this two-part series,Tasha Gets Tossed, left off. After learning she received the spanking of her life from Kelly because her real-life husband, Yoni, ratted her out to the hard-spanking Ms. Payne, Tasha is determined to pay her practical-joking spouse back. The two determined women decide that any husband willing to set his wife up, deserves to have a fire lit on his own bottom. Cornering the still laughing Yoni, they inform him he is about to receive the punishment he so richly deserves. The two angry women take turns blistering Yoni until his bottom is flaming. But the real fireworks are yet to come. After multiple trips over the laps of both women, the ringing of the doorbell brings two more painful surprises for Tasha’s no-longer laughing husband.


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