The Duchess

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The Duchess

Stars: Norman Kane, Shelly Mattson, Tina Hagerty
Good help is hard to find nowadays. And the Duchess is very particular as to whom she hires. As her first applicant, Veronica is about to learn, it is not enough to merely be an impeccable housemaid. She must also be willing to endure occasional discipline of the very painful sort. Courageously, Veronica submits herself to the test. Beginning with an over the knee spanking, her ordeal progresses to the paddle, the strap and then the cane. When Shelly shows up for the same position, she faces a similar test. But this time Veronica gets to participate in her caning. The duchess is so pleased she hires them both. After all, they both passed with flying colors.


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