Tied & Tickled 24

Monday, July 29, 2013


Tied & Tickled 24

Stars: Misty Lane, Nick Masters, Amber Dawn DeSterling
In a distant galaxy, the research probe Explorer orbits the planet Eros. While the research team explores the planet’s surface, two lovely technicians remain behind to monitor mysterious life readings. As fascinating as the project may be, it can get very boring for two lovely young women alone on a starship suspended in space a million light years from nowhere. But their boredom is about to be interrupted by a peculiar space phenomenon.

An intergalactic time traveler from the planet Tickletron has beamed aboard their ship. His mission is to seek out boredom throughout the universe and replace it with hysteria. Our two beautiful research technicians are about to be subdued, stripped, bound and tickled beyond all comprehension.


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