Tied & Tickled Classics 28

Friday, July 12, 2013

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Tied & Tickled Classics 28

Stars: Taylor, Chelsea, Benny, Coral, Celestia, Johnny Cobalt
In our latest compilation, we have “Locksmith and Tickle”. This is about a shady neighbor who decides to trick an unsuspecting woman into an afternoon of ties and tickles. No protests allowed! In “Two Sweet Tickling Tales”, Taylor and Coral mix it up when they try to quell an afternoon of boredom. Our second story has Benny giving Chelsea quite a birthday surprise when he comes over to tickle and tease her. In “Blind Date Tickling #2″, Johnny has just met Celestia when their encounter turns to incessant tickles, wrapped in soft cotton ties. Finally, in “Double The Laughter” we once again give you a peek at two more new storylines to entice you!


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