Salesman’s Folly

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Salesman’s Folly

Stars: Crystal White, Sirena Scott, Magic Woodman
It’s been an unfruitful day for Mr. Woodman. Dressed to the nine’s he’s been carrying his heavy display case door to door. Anxious to see even the most cautious smile behind an open door… Finally in luck, he comes across both Crystal and Sirena. Curious they invite him in only to learn that his case is full of numerous feather dusters. Dusters made of ostrich feathers and minx tail! Tails as beautiful as the one he is about to spin, for in return for tying them up and a good tickle he will give them free dusters! With a resounding yes, they are speedily tied up in the kitchen and upon the couch. Their silken skin strains against the tight ties only to be followed by incessant strokes of feathery plumes. Their passion only measured by the groans and giggle that they exclaim. A beautiful busty blonde and brunette, with lots of fetish style foot shots!

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