American Punishment Collections #6

Thursday, August 1, 2013


American Punishment Collections #6

Our latest collection includes snippets of: “School for Spanking”, “Caned Coeds” and “Orgasmic Spanking.” In “School for Spanking” Ivy and Isabel have been sent to detention hall to be overseen by Mistress Gemini. Hand spankings, spoons, straps and canes are used to teach these vandals to behave. In “Caned Coeds” our two young coeds are curious about their landlords, Mistress Erzebet and Sir Nik. Sneaking in to their bedroom they find spanking implements and venture into some harmless role-playing. Caught in the act the plat becomes more meaningful as they both receive discipline administered my Mistress Erzebet. And in our last, “Orgasmic Spanking: Ann asked Krissy home for a bit of lesbian fun Sir Nik breaks in to the action. Experienced in discipline he pulls and ice cold object from the fridge and begins to spank them. When Ann decides to wash the steamy encounter from her body Sir Nik follows to once again redden her soft bottom. What a glorious day it has been.


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