Leah, Ciadra, And Mike

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Leah, Ciadra, And Mike

Mike spanks Leah and Ciadra, taking turns, 20 swats at a time. First each girl gets a warm-up spanking, with Mike’s stinging hand. Then they get 20 swats with a wooden paddle. 20 strokes with a CANE, 20 swats with a hairbrush, 20 swats with a leather paddle, and finally 20 swats with a thick hard wooden paddle with holes in it!! That’s 100 swats for each girl!! The girls are standing up, bent over, throughout their spankings, and it really hurts!! Leah starts blubbering like a baby! Ciadra gets extremely bruised! And then, the girls get even with Mike by handcuffing him to the wall and spanking him the same way!! But HE gets 100 swats from each girl!! And his butt gets SEVERELY bruised too! It’s 36 minutes of real NON-STOP SPANKING, PADDLING, and CANING!! Don’t miss it!!


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