Naughty Nurse – Nude Severe Spankings

Friday, August 9, 2013


Naughty Nurse – Nude Severe Spankings

Naughty as a no nonsense nurse takes a girl with an attitude and bends her over the exam table and spanks the girls bubble butt by hand and a hair brush when she refuses to submit to a rectal temperature taking. The doctor walks in on our Naughty nurse spanking her young patient and decides to give Naughty a taste of her own medicine. He exams Naughty, groping her huge breasts and pulling on her nipples until she cries out. Next he takes her temperature rectally with a huge thermometer. He then straps her severely with his belt while she is nude
her big boobs bouncing with each impact. The doctor calls the patient and her father in to exam Naughty post “treatment” and inquire if they are satisfied with her punishment. The father is not and decides that he should administer some more of the same treatment to this Naughty nurse. Picking up the same hair brush that Naughty used on his daughter, he gives Naughty a savage beating with the hair brush while the patient and doctor watch. Poor Naughty is completely nude and totally embarrassed by having to submit and be so exposed. Her huge G cup boobs bounce and jiggle widely from the mighty impact of the hair brush on her tender bottom. The father is a huge man and he puts a lot of weight behind each and every swing, making sure Naughty feels the full impact of his spanking. Naughty is reduced to tears as her bottom goes from red to crimson and finally purple and she breaks down totally in tears. This is a full movie with lots of severe spankings of a young girl and a woman. Nudity, bouncing boobs, medical exam, rectal temperature taking, humiliation, hand, hair brush and belt spankings, this has it all!

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