Postive Caning

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Postive Caning

A rascal of a photographer has always faced Stephanie, one of the local girls, and has wanted to spank her beautiful bottom for years. An opportunity arises when he sees her having sex in the back of a car and not with her husband! Just by good fortune he has his camera with him and takes photographs. He sends her the photos with a note advising her to drive to a country location and flash her bare bottom. Meanwhile he is hidden in a bush with his binoculars, he being a Peeping Tom!
This is not enough, however, and he emails her asking for her to meet him in his studio so that she can pick up the negatives for the discriminating photos. When she goes around he tells her that what he wants to do is spank and cane her hard or her husband will find the photos on his desk.
Poor Stephanie has no alternative but to let this rascal do what he wants. He paddles her remorselessly with his thick studded paddle and then gives her a whipping with his cane that she won’t soon forget!


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