Tied & Tickled Classics Part 8

Monday, August 12, 2013


Tied & Tickled Classics Part 8

Young lady beware! Dangers abound in today’s bizarre society. Women are being taken, bound, and tickled at every turn. A wrestling coach applies her supple fingers to the restrained hard body of her newest trainee (The Trainer). Lost tourists fall victim to the rope and feather of a mad castle keeper (The Tickle Chamber). A young woman’s slumber is plagued by recurring nightmares of a tickling clown (Silence of My Dreams). Of course a tickling victim isn’t always willing. Two roommates take turns at tying and tickling one another to see who can endure the most (The Contest). And would be starlets are lured into bondage and tickling while auditioning for a movie . So if one day you should find yourself writhing in ropes under the merciless fingers of some mad tickler, remember, you were warned!


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