Tied & Tickled Classics #11

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Tied & Tickled Classics #11

Stars: Jessica, Fawna, Julie Juggs
The rent is free if you meet Desi Special Qualities. Watch as Rickie shows up for an interview only to be met by the ropes and the torment of Desi’s vicious tickling powers. The best is the best! Only feet can show the most enduring laughter ever known.

Footloose and Feather Bound shows you all foot tickling with everything you can think of including feathers and fingers.

The film crew lures Julie Juggs to do an audition for a big motion picture, she will go through anything the producer wants in order to get the big money promised. Only to find her dream shattered as the big picture was filming during The Audition.

At the House of Laughter Fawna is trying to relax by the pool only to find Jessica is playing around and just making life a bitch so enough is enough. Fawna has time to spare and what enjoyment she is going to have.

By popular demand Footloose and Feather Bound Part 2 is back and showing nothing but feet in the Best way!

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