FCV-068 Karens Climactic Whippings

Friday, September 13, 2013


FCV-068 Karens Climactic Whippings

What we wrote to describe Joanne’s climactic whipping also applies to Karen and again, we invite you to have a female watch the video. They can tell when another woman is faking it. The difference between Joanne’s whipping and Karen’s is Karen required more clitoral stimulation and less whipping to get off than Joanne. You’ll also not that Ed whipped Joanne on her back as well as her ass. This was actually to stop her from climaxing too early in the video. He didn’t have to do that with Karen. Another fact we should tell you is we tried to do climactic whippings with three other models but gave up before completing the videos because they just couldn’t get off that way.

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