The Housesitters

Monday, September 16, 2013


The Housesitters
Stars: Anastasia Pierce, Julie Simone, Kelly Payne, Clare Fonda
It really is all about the ass! When Clare and Kelly pay Julie and Anastasia to house sit their home while they go away on vacation, they expected their belongings would be in capable hands, but when they arrive home after their trip they find the house in shambles! Many objects were broken, some stuff was stolen and both young ladies thought it was funny. So Kelly and Clare decide to teach these 2 naughty girls a lesson they will never forget. Both are spanked over the knee on their bare bottoms with the hand, a spatula and a hairbrush. They are also strapped and spanked with a rug beater. Their reactions are real with a lot of kicking and pleading. Both ladies are left remorseful and apologetic.


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