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Saturday, October 5, 2013
Please all the requests, questions and comments on any videos write in this thread.
 Yours posts will be published here after moderation within one to three days!
If you have written a message, do not do that again! I have to clean up hundreds of spam messages coming every day. That’s why I made comments moderation.
This thread was made first of all for your requests! There is something that you want to see on this humble blog, write to us about it! We will try to find and publish it!
Make the comments for most liked videos so all visitors can have an idea what kind of spanking video is outstanding, and what not.

but if you are too lazy to write, just click the g+1g+ button opposite liked posts!

For those who does not know the way to unpack RAR files. It requires FREE program WinRar you can download on site

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107 Responses to “Spanking Discussion”

  1. Borborygmus Says:

    Hi, could you post “Like a pretty sack of wheat” (NWV-304)? Thanks in advance!

  2. Pump3 Says:

    Thanks for the photoset of my request bout your image logo and good a idea to create a general post for requests

  3. admin Says:

    weird. I somehow missed this video. probably will be on Saturday.

  4. admin Says:

    it should have been done a couple of years ago. all my laziness …

  5. john Says:

    Hi,really wish that you could post more nu-west F/M videos, especially john and heather series, never get enough of them. And you have posted FD-278 and DLX-007. thanks! There are DLX-006 – THAT PENNSYLVANIA MOMMA, DLX-004 – MOM’S NEW PADDLE, DLX-002 – THE PAPER BOY GETS IT, FD-055 – LACEY AND JOHN.

  6. heinz Says:

    the categorie
    spanking movie
    is broken is this corekt

  7. plcarter Says:

    just wondering if you could post “Hard Hairbrush Spankings” FD-027.

  8. admin Says:

    nu-west is still a lot of videos. including F \ M will also appear.
    DLX-will as well.

    everything seems to work correctly. What’s wrong?

    FD-027 will later. I still can `t say when, but it will be.

  9. Tartanjim Says:

    First of all, thanks for a brilliant site.
    I agree with John’s request and look forward to some of these videos being available.
    Also, can you lay your hands on some of the Mom’s Knee titles ?
    There’s also a British site called The Montrose Academy who produce some fantastic school theme videos but are notoriously hard to get a hold off.
    Anyway, thx again and please keep up the good work.

  10. Collector Says:

    Can you find more of the early Blushes and Roue British films? Best site we have ever seen.

  11. guest Says:

    can u upload First ParTay from ohhteekay?

  12. ppscloud Says:

    Can you bring some spankher4real video ?Thank you!

  13. admin Says:


    I’ll do
    in the near future.

    if it’s available on Check the and let me know if you find it. I’ll get it

  14. lopez Says:

    nuwest DLX series are the best, hope you could post more, thank you!

  15. John Says:

    fully agree with Lopwz, more nuwest plz!!! especially girls spanked by Dana!!!! she is so extraordinary! cant wait to see more!!! PLZ!!!

  16. guest Says:

    i cant the video “Work Place Discipline” in the search eventhough i remember u used to had it, can u reup if its gone? also can u upload spank channel vids from clips4sale?

  17. admin Says:

    “Work Place Discipline”
    this video?

    also can u upload spank channel vids from clips4sale?
    send me a studio number

  18. lemonad Says:

    good job! hope more leda f/m videos, specially this series! by the way, could you post DLX-006 – THAT PENNSYLVANIA MOMMA?

  19. admin Says:

    If suddenly someone does not know. to unpack RAR archives is required FREE program WinRar
    you can download it on this site.

  20. Ingydingy Says:

    Great website!!

    Can you post some Club Corporal videos from the Moonglow site

  21. Tartanjim Says:

    Brilliant site!!!
    Many thanks for your hard work and dilligent searching.
    We ask and you deliver…FANTASTIC!!!

  22. yunsimaha Says:

    good work!

    nuwest FD-140 – A WIFE WHO RULES and FD-055 – LACEY AND JOHN are also one of a kind, they are different and rare, really hope could download them! thanks a lot!

  23. Massimo Says:

    Very good

  24. dave Says:

    Hi there – any chance of uploading some clips from Marias spanking world from clipsfor4sale studio/54581

    many thanks


  25. Brian Says:

    How does one purchase a membership to your site?

  26. pcarter Says:

    do you have nu-west- stiletto heels and skin tight gloves?

  27. Robert Says:

    I’m a fan of John and Heather’s F/m no-nonsense style of bare otk spanking. Thanks for including them in your list.

  28. johnym Says:

    Please repost links that not working anymore:
    Nanny Barnes
    Miss Carter – Caned
    Sissy Caned


  29. collector Says:

    can you find ‘Kyrie’s Last Session’ by NuWest?

  30. collector Says:

    I was wondering if there was a chance to repost the following:

    Spanked Secretaries – Amy
    comes up as not found.

    Many many thanks for all your hard work.

  31. admin Says:

    ‘Kyrie’s Last Session’
    Unfortunately not, and probably will not.

    Spanked Secretaries – Amy
    I sent to your email.

  32. Spanker Says:

    I have tried to download the free videos before becoming a member but the videos wont play. What am I doing wrong?

  33. admin Says:

    Explain your problem in more detail. What file did you download. What videoplayer did you use to see video. if this is was a RAR archive, you need to extract video before

  34. Spanker Says:

    I’m not sure which video, but it was one of the free ones. Windows said it wouldn’t play. I don’t know what you mean by ‘extract video’. I’m not much with computer talk.

  35. admin Says:

    I get it.
    I think that this video was in the RAR archive. as I said, you need to install it

    and then open that file.
    try. if it still does not work, write here.

  36. Spanker Says:

    I believe I already had. Which one should I download? I don’t want to spend the money until I’m sure they will work.
    Thanks for your help.

  37. admin Says:


    try this
    there need WinRar to which I referred.

    or is it. here will play immediately….

  38. bigbaba Says:

    i was wondering you you could put some English spanker or spanking Sarah on your site

  39. fergus cochran Says:

    I can not find any operating instructions for this site. How can we do business?
    BY what series of actions can I download any of these files? Thanks. F.

  40. dave Says:

    any chance of this one

  41. admin Says:

    buy premium and download any of these files
    currently available about 5000 spanking video!

  42. admin Says:

    there DRM?

  43. John Says:

    Hi Admin, this site looks great. Please could you upload these from Nu west leda Punish De Ecole series.
    Thank you.

  44. cui Says:

    Can you find movies in
    thanks a lot

  45. cui Says:

    or movies in

  46. admin Says:

    it definitely will, but later …

    will be soon.

  47. cui Says:

    have u received my email?
    are the torrents available?

  48. John Says:

    it definitely will, but later …”

    Thanks Admin.

  49. cui Says:

    can u upload The Housesitters? it’s unavailable
    thanks a lot

  50. John Says:

    Hi Admin, any chance you can get any of these on C4S (Rose Quartz)

    Thank you.

  51. admin Says:

    The Housesitters
    sent to your email.
    I will look your torrents, today or tomorrow.

    chances are.
    I repeat to all, write more what you want to see here.

  52. John Says:

    Hi Admin, any luck with the DFFS series. I’m ready to get my premium account. Thank you.

  53. cui Says:

    hello admin
    can you upload this movie again? thanks

  54. admin Says:


  55. Dnfoidg Says:

    Hi!, Cindy Wallace is one of my favourite spankers. I tried to get her email address but i can’t find it. Does anyone know how can i get in touch with Cindy Wallace?.

  56. cui Says:

    hello admin
    please reup this one
    thank you !!!

  57. admin Says:


  58. collector Says:

    Hi Admin, can you please reupload this one:


    Many thanks.

  59. Tono Says:

    Could you make a category “Nu West Leda”?


  60. Spanker Says:

    Is there any chance you might upload “Dr. Claw’s Niece” from Stone Fox?

  61. Don623 Says:

    Hello Admin,
    could you please re-upload this one.
    1404 :
    Thanks very much.

  62. spank boy Says:

    Hi Admin, can you please upload :From Top To Bottom pacific force
    link is:
    I really want this movie,very thanks!!!!

  63. admin Says:

    spank boy
    they do not sell the video to download. Only on physical media

  64. admin Says:

    sent to your email

  65. Spanker Says:

    Nu-West did a series of their behind the scene employees getting punished for various misdeeds. Can you post some of those?

  66. Denny Says:

    Please uppload the videos from SpankHer4real


  67. cui Says:

    hello admin
    it seems all the firm hand spanking are unavailable
    please reup

  68. Pump3 Says:

    I can’t see any update beyond 17 March, is it normal? it often happens that i see updates all together even if they are posted in different days and i don’t know why

  69. admin Says:

    Sorry about the delay of the site update.
    «Diablo iii reaper of souls» has come!!! I could not tear myself away from the game. 🙂
    A lot of spanking videos were published now. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  70. Pump3 Says:

    LOL! I understand you! I’m on there tooooo! 😀 😀 😀

  71. cui Says:

    hello admin
    almost all the videos in FirmHandSpanking are unavailable
    please reup

  72. mark Says:

    Congratulations on your site. I have been searching for Cameo Classics videos for a long time. Do you have any leads?

    kind regards


  73. cui Says:

    please reup this
    thx a lot

  74. Pump3 Says:

    Happy Easter!
    Still there or still slashing deamons in Diablo? 😀
    (I’m 70 paragon 64 playing torment II – lol)

  75. smolly Says:

    i cant seem to find most of the spank sinn movies and addicted to spanks is not working cansome please post those spank sinn movies i will be very gratefull

  76. recurs ore Says:

    Hi and awesome website!

    I’m trying to locate these videos around but it seems almost impossible:

    – sorority spank – with Francesca Le and Sadie Belle:

    – no pain no gain – pacific force, with Francesca Le

    – spanking spell – vid tech, with Eve Ellis

    – manner of spanking – fetish emporium, with eve Ellis


  77. Mmm Says:

    Hallo. The website is with no update from 7 april. Why?

  78. SpankMe Says:

    I love
    Is this site still alive?
    Nearly, will New spankingMovie upload?

  79. jACK Says:

    Hi Admin Just wondered when any more updates are due as it’s been a month now, looking forward to more new ones, as you do a very good job there


  80. Mike Says:

    Hi thanks for the great videos posted here but, can you please let me know whether this thread is continuing so I know to renew my Novafile account or not.

  81. admin Says:

    I’m back. soon all will

  82. Boban Says:

    Thanks for awesome site . Wonderful if u can post the f/m spanking videos of lena k from [email protected]@m

  83. John Says:

    Oh and i forgot could you upload cheerleader in disgrace to email i just want those 3

  84. John Says:

    You also have a video called Maid’s Revenge. The girl from the front cover had website years back i dont know if it still exists but she starred in some movies. Do you have any of her movies or do you know the website im talking about.

  85. John Says:

    can you upload me Minnie the Jinx

  86. John Says:

    and thank you again

  87. Khamier Says:

    Really Awesome Site!

    Will you please repost PA Punk? The link is dead now.

    Thanks for a fantastic service!!

  88. Alex Says:

    Awesome Site I’ve ever seen!!

    Could you pls post more videos from spankher4real and kelly payne?

    Thank you so much!!

  89. John Says:

    Hey admin could you identify this movie or can anyone else can? i think it might be called Potty Punishings not sure. Here is the link to the download

  90. John Says:

    For Novafile users heres the link

  91. John Says:

    can you reup this

  92. John Says:

    I found the girl from Maid’s Revenge cover she is from the Cheeky videos website here is the link maybe you could get a hold of these videos.

  93. admin Says:

    Cheeky videos
    Thanks for the tip. Next week, I will begin to publish these spanking videos

  94. John Says:

    I also found the name of that unknown movie its called “School Hygiene” but i cant seem to find it anywhere

  95. John Says:

    Hey admin i was able to procure School Hygiene. i also have a caning for miss granger, Chelsea is punished, Mrs Pendergast, Two punished Shoplifters from Nuwest and Tribal Princess Initiation from Wild africa caning and a rare black and white video called Motel Confidential (its just one segment taken from movie with spanking)which are not on your website and hard to find i put them all on novafile maybe you can post them on your website.

    Also can you let me know when your going to reup Cheer leaders in disgrace so i can sign up for a novafile account. are you going to put embassy interrogation, revenge is sweet, rent collector and aupair girl from cheeky videos. im also trying to get The doctors office from real spanking video and Vivian Steele Meets Mark E. DeSade 4 here are the links.

  96. admin Says:

    ok. I will publish it’s in the next update of my site.

  97. spanco Says:

    Great site admin!
    Will there be sarahgregoryspanking videos?

  98. Kang Says:

    I really thank you for Adrienne Black’s clips

    but some recent clips are deleted i think…

    can you re-up them???

  99. Ari Says:

    I am looking for an old RSVP movie, “Office Spankings”, with Leah and Kriss. Does anyone have that in their collection?

    Many thanks!

  100. belhomme51 Says:


    I understand how upload clips ?
    When I click on link, “novafil” come and I can uploading files free… Must I sign up to Novafilm ?


  101. John Says:

    Hey admin i dont mean to sound like a broken record but are you ever going to re-up cheerleaders in disgrace if not just send it to my email.

  102. admin Says:

    re-up cheerleaders

    you talk about what video? give the url
    too much spanking cheerleaders 🙂

  103. Ari Says:

    So….I guess no one has “Office Spankings”? Oh well….it was worth a try. Thanks anyway.

  104. John Says:

    hey admin the link i gave your for Vivian Steele meets mark e desade 4 isnt valid this one is

  105. collector Says:

    Are we going to see any more site updates?

  106. Frank Says:

    Hello admin I’m not sure if this site is still active or not but I would like to say first of all thank you for all the work you have done in this site! I would also like to request videos with girls getting spanked in leggings/spandex as well. I hear that there are some from pacific force. Thanks you again!

  107. Tony Says:

    To whoever put this together –
    Please forget my earlier comments – this is a really great site, so much trouble taken, I’ve had so much fun looking back on old favourites, I’ll see if an upload can attract your attention.

    thanks a million


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