English Discipline Series – Mrs. Delgado’s Practice Part 1 & Part 2

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


English Discipline Series – Mrs. Delgado’s Practice Part 1 & Part 2
When your utmost disciplinary efforts seem to have failed, when parents and school personnel have thrown up their hands in despair and resignation, when a specially stubborn young lady who is bound to get her way seems to be getting her way, this is when you call the professional. Mrs. Delgado runs a correctional therapy clinic for headcase recalcitrants. And stubborn Sheila is about to experience the “Delgado method” of discipline. Beginning with a bare bottom spanking as a warm up, the session progresses to the leather belt and finally the cane. And each stroke carries Mrs. Delgado’s distinct trademark. The disciplinary acts of the local correctional therapy unit were not achieving the desired effect in the case of one Emily Jarvis. She actually seemed to be enjoying the numerous sessions of punishment to which she had been scheduled. Such cases are invariably forwarded to the infamous Mrs. Delgado. Her methods are a bit more extreme then those of her colleagues, in that she tends to more fully pursue her subjects’ true threshold of pain. Let’s see how the obstinate Mrs. Jarvis fares under the cane of Mrs. Delgado.


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