English Discipline Series – Painful Inheritance

Saturday, November 23, 2013


English Discipline Series – Painful Inheritance
Emma and Jeena are at a complete loss when they learn of their father’s death. Never having had to take care of themselves, both the funeral and the procedures of the will are beyond their grasp. Lady Vernon, Humphrey’s ex-wife is quite shrewd and quickly visits the attorney to make sure she has figured prominently in the will’s proceeds. She scurries to the house and informs the girls that they must vacate the premises by the end of the week, as she plans to sell the house immediately.

The girls are horrified and there are arguments between the girls and herself. Lady Vernon realizes, however, that it may be to her benefit to promise to take care of the girls, though greed is her sole motivation. When the girls refuse to tidy up the house, Lady Vernon is quick to administer a series of spankings and canings. After their bottoms are welted, she sends them to bed where the girls administer soothing oil on their throbbing bottoms.


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