English Discipline Series – Trouble From The Troubleshooter

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


English Discipline Series – Trouble From The Troubleshooter
The shareholders of an exclusive country club have heard disturbing reports about their establishment and have sent a “troubleshooter” out to investigate. She finds that the masseuse, Lady April, has been giving or selling the clients some “extras”. This is highly immoral for such an exclusive club. April’s attire gives the game away
as such a frilly outfit is not appropriate. The troubleshooter then decides that punishment will have to be handed out there and now. After some hand smacks across April’s large bottom, a leather paddle is used before some nasty cane strokes are metered out, leaving welts across those fat cheeks. Emma Louise, a sweet little towel girl is then summoned. It is determined that she has been handing out dirty towels to the guests. She agrees to correct the problem and admits that she deserves punishment. That is all the troubleshooter needs to hear before poor little Emma Louise is put across her knee. A fierce spanking and unsparing caning are in order!


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