English Spanking Classics #4

Friday, November 8, 2013

1518_1_English-Spanking-Classics-4.jpgEnglish Spanking Classics #4

English Spanking Classics #4
In “The Flogging of Lady Constance” the late Lord Rothemere has stated that the spoiled heiress, Lady Constance , must endure a session of bottom spanking in order to gain the inheritance. A simple feat she thought, as so much to gain! Her bloomers are dropped and her tender bottom is exposed to a fervent riding crop, tawse and a birch cane. In this tearful tale, set in the Victorian era the discipline is unmistakably English. And in “Birching for Remembrance” two women are summoned by the wing commander to attend a veteran’s dinner dance. The commander remembers that good old days when the local girls would come ’round for an old fashioned bare bottomed beating. These girls have the same in store as they too readily take the thwack of the birch cane.


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