Music Lesson/ The Thief

Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Music Lesson/ The Thief
Pete, a well known pop producer. Is a happening guy who is very positive and likes everything done quickly and efficiently. When his new cleaner arrives late without her cleaning supplies he is furious! This throws off his tight schedule. He does calm down though and tells her to clean up the studio as best she can, making sure not to move the pre set on his mixing board. However the Swedish girl takes no notice and in her excitement of being in this important studio loses control of herself. Needless to say, after ordering pizza Pete returns to find all the setting out of sync. Pete grabs the girl and gives her a sound over the knee spanking. For good measure, he then paddles and canes here sore throbbing behind. There is more discipline in store for the pizza delivery girl when Pete is dissatisfied with the product she delivers. The Thief…pop star Ringo’s girlfriend, a beautiful blonde who is a bit of a bimbo, welcomes the new housekeeper in. she’s there to try and make some headway with the devastation from the previous night’s party. The cleaner gets about her duties, but the gorgeous blonde catches her stealing a watch and some money. She grabs the cleaner and proceeds to beat her bottom until it is black and blue. And to top it all, she takes a picture of the blistered bottom to give to Ringo, who promises her a diamond for her efforts.


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