Sadistic Mother-In-Law

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sadistic Mother-In-Law
Stars: Mistress D Severe, Jessi Palmer

Tammy (Jessie Palmer) is a terrible wife to Lizs (Mistress D Severe) son. She cheats on him and Liz is fed up! Tammy is dressed in her usual skimpy attire when she is confronted by Liz about her infidelity. It seems Tammy has been cheating with a married man, and she begs Liz not to tell her son or the mans wife. Liz agrees, but not without a few strings attached.

Liz makes Tammy stop dressing like a slut and makes her wear a schoolgirl uniform with white cotton panties instead of her usual silk thongs. Tammy is given a list of the new humiliating rules she must obey and Liz makes her read them aloud. When Tammy finishes reading she is bent over her sadistic mother-in-laws knee and given a serious spanking!

Tammy begs Liz to stop spanking her, but Liz is punishing the tawdry tart for cheating on her son! Soon enough, Tammys bottom turns bright red! Liz pulls Tammys panties down to get a better view of her handywork. When Tammy continues to mouth off, Liz threatens her with a trip to the mall in her schoolgirl uniform. When Lizs hand tires from spanking Tammys bottom, she switches to a wooden hairbrush, all the while telling Tammy what a slut she is and how things are going to be different from now on!

Tammy is totally humiliated when Liz exposes her newly shaved pussy, but the humiliation doesnt stop there“ Liz informs her that she will soon be going back to school, dressed in her schoolgirl outfit! Tammy is then made to lie on the floor with her nose buried in her soiled panties as her behavior modification continues. Liz then takes Tammy into the kitchen and jams a bar of soap into her mouth, rubbing the bar on her tongue before making her take a bit of it and swallow it! After a promise to clean up her language, they head back to the living room where Liz reveals the next step in the program“ more humiliation for Tammy!

Liz informs Tammy that she is going to have to go to the school dance with 18 year old Lucas. When Tammy protests, Liz quickly bends her over her knee and administers a heavy hand spanking on her white cotton panty clad bottom. Liz peels down Tammys panties to keep spanking her now bright red cheeks. Liz warns Tammy that if she lets the panties drop below her knees, the punishment will be much worse. When her hand gets tired, Liz switches again to a wooden hairbrush. With a final swat from the brush, Tammy is made to stand in the corner with her burning ass exposed.

Bonus material: There is an interview with Jessie Palmer talking about her first shoot with Severe Society Films and her first experience with spanking, fetishes, and making fetish videos. There is also a bonus scene where you can watch Jessie shaves her pussy for the shoot. And finally, get a peek at the behind the scenes footage for the making of Sadistic Mother-In-Law.


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