Spanked Secretaries – Amy

Friday, November 8, 2013

Spanked Secretaries

Spanked Secretaries – Amy

Amy had stayed over at the party the night before work and hadn’t had time to go home and change. She’d been told by the other girls that the Boss had a rather unique form of discipline which he applied to girls who broke the rules, so she was looking forward to finding out exactly what that entailed when he summoned her to his office for turning up to work improperly dressed. The Boss ddn’t waste any time in explaining what he had in mind for Amy and she was equally prompt when he ordered her to bend over his knee. In fact Amy was so keen to feel the firm smack of authority that when she was told to stand up and take down her shorts she didn’t stop there but stripped off completely. With her bottom stinging deliciously from the punishment, Amy spread her legs so that she could get the full benefit of the discipline being administered by her Boss. A combination of spanking her bottom and fingering her soaking wet pussy brought Amy to orgasm over her employer’s lap. By the time she was told to go back to work she was already thinking about what she should do to earn herself another “punishment” as soon as possible.


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  1. Pump3 Says:

    Seems already dead 🙁

  2. collector Says:

    Yep! its dead….

  3. collector Says:

    .. any chance of a reupload?

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