The Exchange Student

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Exchange Student

The Exchange Student

Kelley May is a new exchange student in England, and finds herself at the mercy of the school’s two prefects, Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Poor little Kelley was just reading, minding her own business, trying to be good, when Pandora and Amelia chose to pounce. The older girls seductively try and befriend the new girl, and attempt to use this new found “friendship” to scare the poor girl about the school’s strict disciplinary policies.
“We should help her by caning her,” Amelia suggests. “Don’t you want to learn to take it?” Pandora questions. The two of them so sweetly and yet so sadistically move around Kelley like Cheshire cats hunting their prey. The poor girl is so trusting, and wants desperately to make new friends, and so submits to the girls’ scheme.
They bend her over the desk, and flip up her faulty school uniform skirt, Pandora first spanking her with her hand while Amelia smirks, looking on. Then, after her bottom is glowing pink, Pandora begins her caning. Amelia insists that she count, and with each stroke, new requirements are added. Counting, saying Miss Pandora, and then thanking her after each one. The prefects are near gleeful with the new girl’s humiliation.
Kelley takes her “initiation” well, and is so lovely in her innocence. She becomes enraptured in Pandora’s stern mannerisms and leans into her hand as she cups her face, praising her for being so good during her caning. She promises to be good, to never make the older girls look bad. The wide eyed girl is completely overwhelmed with her confusion at her treatment, and her response to it. Poor girl just wanted to fit in at her new school.

This video is NOT to be missed. If you like unfair spankings or misuse of power, this video is a must see. Pandora and Amelia are ridiculously perfect as the evil tormentors, as they circle the innocent, wide eyed Kelley. It’s like they’ve been playing off each other for years! And Amelia, who does not top, falls into the roll of evil sidekick almost scarily easily. Pandora, as always, is beautiful in her dominance, and it is easy to understand Kelley’s confused feelings. This video is a mind fuck that is not to be missed.

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