Your Turn For The Cane

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Your Turn For The Cane
Repeated misdemeanors have finally caught up with Osborne and she must report to the headmaster’s study. He has heard all the excuses before and wastes no time in putting her over his knee for a good spanking. Her cries of pain are ignored as he then places her across his desk for a lesson with the cane. We learn that a dozen hard strokes is sufficient enough to teach his young lady that his headmaster will take no funny business at his school!
In our second story a customs officer raids a massage parlor that is known to be employing illegal immigrants. Under pressure one of the girls accepts a spanking and a tawsing for a chance to be let out the back door. Her boss however is not so lucky. A dozen hard strokes of the cane are in store for her in order to satisfy the officer’s requirements.


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