Bath Time Beatings

Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Bath Time Beatings
Two young women receive an invitation to visit the fabulous estate of a wealthy family. Having fantasized about being the Mistress of such a manor, they eagerly accept. One would think that the attractive females would be on their best behavior. Presenting themselves in an intelligent, dignified manner. Almost immediately their lack of any social grace becomes painfully evident. They seem to have left their manners and whatever common sense they might have had at the door upon entering. They scour the house excitedly. Checking everything out with no regard for their hostess or her property. When their benefactors arrive, She is stunned to see how they arte acting. To stop their nonsense she subjects them to a painful spanking. But afterwards, she also helps soothe the pain of red, blistering welts by applying a creamy balm to their bottoms. Alas, they have not paid attention. For once their hostess discovers the state of the bathroom, there will be no mercy for them, or their throbbing swollen cheeks. Enjoy!


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