Caned With Honors

Friday, December 20, 2013


Caned With Honors
A young girls tutor is very dismayed to hear that her prized pupil has failed to make the grade in her degree. She summons the girl to her study where she keeps getting sexually turned on by men and can’t help herself when the offer of sex is there and when it’s not she constantly masturbates. This behavior, although natural for someone her age is not good for her academic career, and her tutor knows from experience that the best way to deal with this is to discipline the girl in the old British Style, using tawses and ultimately the cane, and this is what takes place much to the girls dismay.

Meanwhile another professor from the same University is busily beating another pupil in a similar fashion for not turning up for her final exams. The girl has totally wasted three years of both her time and more importantly, his. His frustration is clear to see as he tawses her with the “traditional University issued tawse”. The beautiful bottoms of the two girls are sullied by the efficient performance of their elders.


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