English Discipline Series – Her First Caning & No Mercy

Saturday, December 7, 2013

English Discipline Series - Her First Caning & No Mercy1530_2_English-Discipline-Series---Her-First-Caning--No-Mercy.jpg

English Discipline Series – Her First Caning & No Mercy
Two young women are getting ready for a fetish party when the one discovers that her friend has stolen one of her dresses. At first Nikki denies it. But when it is found at the bottom of a pile or cheap dresses she is told that she can’t come to the fetish party unless she does penance. This would include a spanking and caning, something Nikki has never tried. She doesn’t realize how painful it really is. But after taking the pain of a reddened bottom a bit of sexual play is in store! And in “No Mercy” a parent has summoned his child’s teacher to his house in order to explain why she has been receiving illegal corporal punishment. The teacher explains that there is on alternative to discipline such a reckless and naughty student. The parent is in no mood and decides to discipline this teacher mercilessly bending her across the kitchen table and using her own cane!


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