English Punishment Series 8

Thursday, December 12, 2013

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English Punishment Series 8
First day at the office- On her first day at work, Miss Masters is in for a severe beating from her new employer and his assistant after Mr. Cashmore finds out from her last employer, (and his friend), that she is compliant and fully asserts C.P. as a way of keeping her performance to the high standards that he expects. Mr. Cashmore and Tiffany take it in turns to beat and humiliate poor Miss Masters until her bare bottom is so striped that there is no room for any more beating.

Cautioned with the Cane- Mrs. Jenkins has just bought a new VW and decides to put it though the paces at Southall Beach. Even though there are signs posted warning against this activity she continuities. Unluckily for her a local policeman sees her and takes note of the vehicle. He later visits her at her home to discuss her recklessness and potential fines that could follow. When she inquires about an alternative to the fine, he suggests a few different scenarios. You see, he is an acquaintance of her husband and remembers hearing stories of C.P. sessions with his young wife. This cheeky policeman wants to reenact some of those sessions. Especially the one with the attractive young woman dressed in a maid’s uniform.

Caning after hours- Lisa’s godfather allows her to take her mothers car out for a night on the town with her mates with the stipulation that she be home by 1 am. When she arrives home past curfew, it gives him a perfect reason to thrash her sweet her sweet round bottom with a cane.

Cause for Caning- Only in their flat for a few weeks two attractive young women accidentally set first to their kitchen. Phoning the landlord, and fearing his wrath, they lie and say that the fire had spread from the flat below. When he arrives to survey the damages and finds out the truth, his mood turns foul. Anticipating that the women weren’t telling the truth, he has brought with him a few painful looking implements to use on them to get at the truth. The women are pout through a variety of beatings and then made to hold up each other for the final severe canings.

An Impromptu Spanking- visiting an art gallery, Tony is intrigued by the attractive proprietress. He is interested in corporal punishment, and immediately buys her entire selection of items having to do with that subject. Sensing her personal interest in C.P. he suggests they partake in their own private session.


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