The Governess and the Family Strap, Part 2

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Governess and the Family Strap

The Governess and the Family Strap, Part 2

This second part to the original “The Governess” stars Pandora Blake as the governess and Paul “Tubaman” Rogers as Dr. Rogers, her employer. Miss Blake has committed a serious breach in protocol by using the family strap on his daughter. While she is allowed to spank Kelley when she needs it, the strap is reserved for family.
Miss Blake tries to explain her situation, but the good doctor is having none of it. He orders her to assume the same position that his daughter assumed, all the way down to the detail of her bottom being bared.
No warm up, cold bottom, heavy strap = EXTREMELY painful strapping!

Dr. Rogers lashes down with the heavy leather to poor Miss Blake’s bare bottom, resulting in a loud scream of pain from the naughty governess. The burning leather peppers her sore, tender bottom again and again. Sometimes, the strokes burn so intensely that three different times Miss Blake howls and clutches her scalded buttocks. As he straps her, Dr. Rogers repeats that the strap is exclusively for family members. Pandora’s gorgeous bottom is swollen red, and welted by the time he is finished. It is one of the hardest strappings I’ve ever filmed.
When he finally has delivered the final stroke to a now very obedient governess, he welcomes her to the family. This ending is not to be missed.

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