The Intern

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Intern

The Intern

Kelley May is working for high powered lawyer Dana Kane as her unpaid intern. It is a coveted position, and Kelley has worked hard to get it, and hopes to keep it. But unfortunately for her, Kelley, overwhelmed with the pressure and work load, has made a grave error in not filing a brief on time with the court, putting one of Miss Kane’s client’s in jeopardy.
Miss Kane confronts the young girl about her mistake, delivering a lengthy and scathing lecture, and informs her that she has two options: leave now, or take a spanking. While clearly shocked, Kelley is desperate to keep her job, and incredibly eager to please the impressive older woman, and so of course chooses the spanking.

Miss Kane begins over her incredibly tight pencil skirt, spanking with her firm hand while delivering a heartfelt lecture to the errant girl. She then orders Kelley to stand so she can remove her skirt. Blushing and trying to hide her face, Kelley is mortified to be in this position, and even more so when Miss Kane notices the run in Kelley’s thigh high stockings held up by her garter set for which she is further chastised.
Smack after smack rain down on her shapely bottom which quickly turns red under the ministrations. But it is obvious that the words might be having an even stronger effect. Kelley has disappointed her mentor, and it is crushing.

Kelley barely blinks when she is told she will be receiving the cane- she trusts Miss Kane, and is eager to earn her trust back as well. Bending over, Kelley takes over 60 searing rapid fire strokes with the whippy instrument as well as 12 paced, measured, line raising strokes when Miss Kane wants to make her point especially clear. Kelley tries valiantly to obey and keep still, but her yelps show just how much it hurts, and her head hung indicates her deep shame as Miss Kane bends over to inspect the red bottom and her handiwork.

Dana Kane is at her best in this clip- strong, commanding, and nurturing all at the same time. As well as absolutely gorgeous in her “high powered lawyer” attire. Her scolding goes above and beyond- anyone that enjoys a good lecture will love this clip. Princess Kelley is beautifully contrite in this clip. Her shapely bottom is accented by her old fashioned stockings and skirt- her garters are not to be missed. The themes of responsibility, ability, potential and self discipline clearly hit home for the young girl, and it shows in the best of ways.

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