Caned By The Establishment

Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Caned By The Establishment
Two militant protestors are encountered be a wealthy landowner when they are found protesting the creation of a bypass about to be built on his beautiful countryside estate. The to lovely girls are keen environmentalists, and are cajoled by the landowner to come to his home to have a chat about their cause. In the course of their conversation he learns that their parents are one of his tenants, and he advised the girls that they are very much behind in their rental payments. He tells them they must give up their protest and that he is going to subject them to corporal punishment in return for allowing their parents to stay on his land. Their panties are soon pulled down and they receive some hard hand spanking across the now delighted landowners knee. In true British spirit he now uses a tawse to tenderize their lovely bottoms. Because the cane is used unsparingly, leaving the girls in tears, they are soon made to realize that taking on the establishment is no ball game.

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