English Discipline Series – Caned Before School – Tracy’s Discipline

Sunday, January 19, 2014

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English Discipline Series – Caned Before School – Tracy’s Discipline
Stars: Donald Ralston, Doren Pringle, Leonard Wells, Tanara Lanely
Uncle Hubert is Irate! He has just discovered a set of nude photos of his teenaged niece, Christina. When he confronts her with these photos, she calls him “old fashioned”. Well, since Uncle Hubert is old fashioned he can deal with this situation in the old fashioned manner. Christina has bared her bottom for the camera. Now she must do the same for her uncle… and his old fashioned cane!
Tracy has just been expelled from one of he most exclusive girls schools in the land. She doesn’t seem particularly upset. She found all that work and discipline, tedious and boring. However her stepfather, Charles Collins, is upset. Since her parents are out of the country, Tracy believes she can escape punishment. Not So! They have just commissioned Charles to administer a sound bare bottom thrashing. After this punishment session, her hind cheeks will be a bright glowing red, and her attitude will be well adjusted.


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