Experimentations in Spanking

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Experimentations in Spanking

Experimentations in Spanking

Lovers, Pandora Blake and Kelley May are in for the night, lounging in lingerie watching TV. Pandora teases the bi-sexual Kelley of liking the boy on the show. Feeble protests lead to snuggles, and as Kelley reaches across Pandora’s body to grab her phone, Pandora seizes the opportunity presented by Kelley’s delightful bottom over her lap and smacks her!
The shocked and blushing Kelley squeaks in protest but doesn’t move from her lovers lap. Further smacks come to reveal that perhaps Kelley has been holding out on her love, as her truly submissive nature comes out.

Light smacks rain down over her bare bottom, and Pandora rubs and runs her nails along Kelley’s tender skin. Much to her chagrin, the younger girl can’t help but call Pandora “ma’am” and falls easily and happily into a contented purr as Pandora continues her ministrations.
After a few minutes, Pandora begins to get curious, asking if it really does feel nice. Kelley senses the older girl’s desire and asks if she would like a turn. Not really waiting for an answer, Kelley sits up and maneuvers her lover over her lap and pulls up her nightie to reveal Pandora’s delectable bubble butt.
Kelley’s swats rain a bit harder and faster, and the tone is more playful. Pandora laughs and jokes, but tends to lose her words when Kelley turns from swatting to running her nails along the older girl’s legs, making her moan in pleasure.
When her bottom is nice and pink, Pandora can have no more- she wants her lover now. She straddles Kelley, kissing her tenderly but with conviction. The two kiss and pet, Kelley taking down Pandora’s top and grabbing her now pink bottom. It is a beautiful moment that doesn’t end when the screen fades to black.

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