Orgasmic Spanking

Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Orgasmic Spanking
Stars: Krissy Kage, Ann, Sir Nik
Ann has brought Krissy home for some playful lesbian fun! Amongst the kisses and caresses Ann asks Krissy: “Have you ever been spanked?” Curious Krissy agrees and is so delighted by the results that orgasms are soon reached. In the throes of passion Sir Nik unexpectedly enters and is eager to get in on the action and spanks both repeatedly in the bedroom. Giving them a break he allows them to move to the kitchen for a bit of household chores. But he’s unable to leave them alone for long, as they both spanked again using wooden spoons and a special implement that pulls from the freezer. What a surprise that is as the ice-cold device lands against their soft warm flesh. When Krissy has left Ann decides to take a refreshing shower to wash off the days steamy session. But there too she is spanked by Sir Nik as her hands are placed against the smooth tiles. What a long and glorious day it is for Ann!


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