Tina’s Torn Up

Friday, January 31, 2014


Tina’s Torn Up
Stars: Tina Jones
Tina’s Torn Up involves Tina Jones, who you may have seen in Doctor’s Remedy, like all of us, is naughty from time to time. But her misdemeanors only make her feel very guilty. This video is a record of how she clears her guilty conscience. You are about to see Tina accept 100 strokes of the cane in order to help her be relieved of her self-conscious guilt. Moonglow West guarantees that all 100 strokes were administered to the full. The action will be shown from different positions.

Crop stick whipping across both ass cheeks, leaving welts that look like they’re going to split open. Tina needs this from a 40+ white guy that’s fully clothed in a suit. She starts off fully clothed as well, then gets out of all that and her master is actually quite compassionate with a forgiving hug at the end.


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