Johnson’s Detention

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Johnson's Detention

Johnson’s Detention

I ordered Johnson to report for detention, but he didn’t show so I had to sent a girl to find him. When he finally arrived, he wasn’t even wearing his PE kit. I was so annoyed that I pulled him straight over my knee and tanned his backside. I was so cross I didn’t even bother taking his pants down! I sent him to change, but he was still being insolent so I smacked the backs of his legs – before putting him across my knee for a thorough bare bottom hiding with my trusty hairbrush. I left him sobbing in the corner whilst I had a coffee break. When I came back the cheeky little sod was sitting in my spanking chair! Well, I decided that would be the last time Johnson would be sitting down for quite some time. The boy went back across my knee for another dose of my hairbrush on the bare. To make sure the recalcitrant boy learned his lesson, I finished the detention by giving him a severe bare bottom thrashing with the senior strap. He cried and wriggled around so much that I had to ask one of the sixth-form girls to hold him down!

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