The Spanking Game

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Spanking Game

The Spanking Game
Leah and her boyfriend are playing an innocent game of cribbage. Leah states the game is boring and suggests an alternative form of play. The Spanking Game “Object is simple.” She says, “Make me weep and you get a slave for the day. No tears then you are my slave for the same period.” Leah then gets subjected to some over-the-knee action with hand, hairbrush and strap, then after that ordeal Leah is bent over the purposely built “Spanking Horse”. See Leah being swatted with whips, paddles (both leather and wood), riding crop and cane. Does she shed tears? The caning she received drew platelets. Did that make Leah weep? The wooden paddle actually gets broken on her ass. Still does she shed a tear?


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