Spanked Secretaries – Jenny

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spanked Secretaries

Spanked Secretaries – Jenny

Jenny, the receptionist, was summoned the Boss’s office. The Boss was not happy because he’d had one of the company’s best customers on the phone for 15 minutes complaining about her cheek and insolence.

When Jenny put the customer through to the sales manager the previous day, she’d called him a “boring bastard”, but unfortunately she’d left the line open so the customer heard her description of him. So Jenny was faced with a choice – “sack or smack”. It was years since she’d been across her Daddy’s knee but she decided that a smacked bottom was better than dismissal so agreed to take a spanking from her Boss. Jenny was about to find out that a spanking from the Boss was very diffferent from a spanking from Daddy. She was shocked when he ordered her to strip and did herself no favours by calling her Boss a pervert. Naked apart from her high heels Jenny lay across her employer’s lap and was soon feeling the full effect of her punishment. She was grateful when the Boss rubbed her stinging bottom but was shocked when he started to massage her throbbing clitoris. When she protested that fingering her wet pussy was not punishment, her Boss explained that it was discipline and demonstrated the difference. After a long session of spanking and fingering Jenny orgasmed across the Boss’s knee. As she dressed herself Jenny was told to come in early the next morning for more punishment and discipline and she was already looking forward to it, but of course, she wasn’t going to let the Boss know that!

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