Step Mommy Severest

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Step Mommy Severest

Step Mommy Severest
Stars: Miss Chris Grey, Ten Amorette
Chris has been sparing the rod with her step-daughter long enough! Shes had enough of her spoiled brat step-daughter, Katie and her antics both on the job and at home. After spending the whole morning doing damage control for the firm they work for, Chris thinks its time to reprimand this pretty brunette. Katie has been a little too casual about her comportment both at work and after hours, getting in late, taking extra time off and worst of all, posting naughty photos of herself on every type of social media. Katie’s lack of respect for both her position and her hard working stepmother is obvious and will not go unpunished a moment longer. Clearly, if Katie wants to hold onto her cushy position on the job and at home
she must submit to traditional discipline from her stepmom, starting with an old fashioned over the knee hand spanking, on her skirt, sheer panties and bare bottom. No amount of whining or leg kicking will spare the erring stepdaughter the full measure of hard whacks that she has earned and deserves.

Not satisfied that Katie has sufficiently repented her bad behavior both at work at and at home, Chris orders her rosy bottomed step daughter to strip completely nude for a face down continuation of her lesson. Chris grabs a thick and wide leather strap and begins to lambaste Katie’s upturned rear with it, leaving swatches of dark rose color behind. Its not long before Katie wails with each lashing she gets!

Next, Chris takes out her flogger and administers a classic whipping to her stepdaughter, up and down her back, concentrating on Katie’s curvy buttocks, of course. Finally, for a grand finale to the corporal punishment session of her mischievous stepdaughter, Chris inflicts a parting hand spanking that leaves the bad girl with a sore bottom radiating heat. The sound punishment concludes with a warm and affectionate embrace between stern stepmom and her rueful charge as both agree a fresh start is in order.


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