Sylvia & The Panty Bandit

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sylvia & The Panty Bandit

Sylvia & The Panty Bandit
Stars: Ms. Venus Divine, Henry Rider
Sylvia catches Henry, the boy next door, going through her panty drawer instead of mowing the lawn, like he was supposed to. Sylvia grabs Henry by the ear, bends him over-the-knee and spanks him with her hand, hairbrush and paddles. To intensify his embarrassment, Sylvia gags the small, skinny Henry with the panties. After having sternly marked his little bare bottom with her hand, Sylvia continues to lambaste it with an oval leather paddle, a hardwood paddle and a hairbrush. Henry reacts like a typical punished brat, protesting that he will be good. But he continues suffering for his misdeed when Sylvia bends him over with his small, bare bottom thrust up to receive a dose from two leather straps and a good hard licking with a quarter inch thick “board of education” wooden paddle. Henry can barely take it, yet, if one looks closely, when he is stood up, with his face to the wall, his naughty excitement is evident!


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