Caning At Casting

Monday, April 7, 2014

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Caning At Casting
Rocco, a new Hollywood casting agent, has built up a quiet a reputation, especially by the fact that being a Englishman in America, he is more interested in spanking and caning any attractive girls that come by the office, that having sex with them. A Director has called him up requiring some young girls who are endowed with quite large bottoms. Rocco is delighted and calls in an attractive girl who has a peach of a bottom. The beautiful thing is, she is willing to have her firm, bare bottom caned soundly in order to get a part in a film. Rocco is a man of his word and gets to work straight away leaving her bottom with a lovely glow with many cane strokes placed across it. Of course, then and only then is she put on the books. Late Home: Rocco has left his lady assistant in charge of seeing an extremely horny actress. His assistant has been instructing to put the girl through a tough C.P. session including a hard tawsing and caning workout. This however, makes the actress even more excited which, in turn, arouses the assistant sexually making her cane girl harder and harder.


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