Best of Spanking Big E Volume 2

Friday, May 30, 2014

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Best of Spanking Big E Volume 2
Our second compilation of our popular spanking and enema series includes snippets of Spanking Big E numbers 5 through 8. In number 5 a group of prison trustees are dutifully disciplined by Mistress Erzebet, when she finds them in possession of some illicit substances. In number 6 Mr. Gray maintains a sober living at home. When he finds some infractions they are dealt with swiftly by use of spankings, canings and the enema. In number 7 Master Liam and Krissy are awaiting the arrival of their latest student, Isabel, at their discipline academy. She soon receives the business end of a riding crop and leather strap. Hand spankings are included with the final administration of an enema. And finally number 8 Gia takes her two unruly daughters to the Punishment Clinic for an afternoon in disciplinarian training. There they are spanked, strapped and caned. These women are sure to respect their mother’s wishes!


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